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Organising an event is a massive task. In fact it’s a huge task and a massive accomplishment, so we’ll just go right ahead and leave that part to you!

When it comes to event photography however this is where we really excel. Since 2010 we have been perfecting our workflow down to a fine art, with our clients and customers being number one priority. When everyone else is happy only then is our job complete.

Here are just a few of the reasons we are ahead in our industry today.

High impact photography

We make it snappy

You don’t want your customers waiting days or weeks to view their event photos – they want them now. Our workflow allows us to process thousands of photos overnight ready for online viewing.

“Banger shots again from Element Photo and Video Productions with super fast processing.” – EMS Enduro


We are photographers at the core

From our management all the way through to our photography team, you can trust that high quality photos are the aim of the game. No excuses, just dedication and passion for what we shoot.

“It’s by far and away the best quality pictures I have come across at any event I have competed in.” – Competitor


Superior online gallery

When it comes to the customer experience, ‘good enough’ just isn’t good enough. That’s why we continue to improve and customise the user experience on our website for customers and clients.

  • Simple navigation of galleries
  • ‘Search for your photos’ functionality
  • Modern Shopping Cart with secure payment
  • Large image previews
  • ‘Compare photos’ functionality
  • Digital downloads
  • Print sales
  • Specialty store items eg. shirts or stickers
  • Early Bird specials & bulk discounts
  • Certificate-style event photographs
  • Social sharing functionality
  • ‘Free download’ functionality
  • Multiple watermarking and branding options for photos
  • Client login & instant access functionality
  • Clear instructions and FAQ

“I was amazed at the way you handled such a monumental task with the team.” – Otterbox, Color Run 2015


Cost effective

We offer extremely competitive pricing on all of our customer galleries, as well as exceptional value for clients.


We capture memories, for everyone

Events vary and so do your participants. We want to make sure that everyone at your event – slow or fast, young or old – come away with a memory to remember for years to come. We also capture those special moments at the start and finish line and/or around the event areas.


Customer Service

We back up our service with outstanding customer service. All customer enquiries are handled immediately.


It doesn’t stop there

As well as photography coverage Element are leaders in event video production and a range of other services. Offload some of your technical tasks to us or add value to your event with a high impact promotional video. These options are available and we’re ready to provide you with a quote today.

With Element you can rest assured that your event photography needs are taken care of. This is why we have been chosen as the exclusive photography provider for local and national events since our beginnings in 2010.

“The final product was amazing and I will sing your praises to whomever chooses to listen and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your services to others.” – Accor Race to Survive



What does the service cost?

Pricing varies depending on a number of factors such as the size of your event, the nature of the event and the logistics involved. In some cases with large events our service is free of charge due to the sheer volume of sales. For exact pricing and further information you can fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll get in touch.

What’s included?

Photography sales from the event will be provided to customers through our online gallery system. Customers are given the right to use their images for personal use such as sharing with friends, social media and making print copies. Commercial-use photographs can also be provided to the event organisers as part of the package; these can be used for promotion of the event in several forms of marketing. We make the delivery of these fast and simple for clients.

What type of events do we cover?

We are known for our great coverage of outdoor and sporting events, however we also cover a range of indoor events and functions. We will always call upon our most experienced photographers that are best suited to your event.

Where are we based?

Element are based in South East Queensland. We do also travel with events interstate and internationally.

What size are the downloads?

We always provide the option for a high resolution image (usually around 12 Megapixels, 1-2MB in size) and sometimes we will allow a web resolution sized download for a lower cost. These can vary from one event to the next.

How much do customers pay?

The price that customers pay for images is varied throughout the industry and will also change from one type of event to the next. Pricing all comes down to the logistics and human resources involved. Our standard rate is $15 for a high resolution image, however this varies. We also offer discounted rates to entice customers to purchase multiple photos, as well as early bird promotions.

Who is the contact person in charge of photography?

At Element you will deal with one person who will manage the logistics and client services for the whole event. Currently that role is performed by Lachlan Ryan the Managing Director of Element. Lachlan will take you through the process and in many cases will attend the event – either as an additional photographer or in a support role.

What is the turnaround time of photos?

Every event is different…sometimes very different as far as photography goes. There are certain things that make our life easier and certain things that make it harder. To simplify the answer as much as possible, here’s a general estimate of turnaround times based on common events. Many of the logistics are unique to the individual event, so the best way for us to estimate a turnaround time is to get in touch using the form below.

Less than 500 Participants = 1 Day Turnaround

500 – 2,000 Participants = 1-2 Days Turnaround

2,000+ Participants = 2-4 Days Turnaround

We don’t like to make customers wait longer than required, so in many cases we will adjust our staffing requirements to accommodate large scale events.

What is the customer experience like?

Our online gallery is very intuitive and full of information for customers to navigate through our site. We aim to provide all of the information necessary to them when they land on the website or visit the specific event page. Customers can search for their own photos that we have digitally tagged with their name and/or race number, and they have the ability to add these to their Favourites or Shopping Cart directly.

The secure payment process will take them through Paypal to pay via credit card or bank account. Depending on the size of the event there may be a delay of up to 48 hours until their photo is made accessible to download from the website. The reason for this is because we will make some final adjustments to the ordered image before it can be downloaded by the customer.

“The result is a lasting and beautiful photographic journey that both our participants and corporate stakeholders enjoyed each day/night.” – Accor Race to Survive


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