Want to share what you’ve got with the online community?

Element can custom tailor a livestream for your organisation.

And when we say custom, we mean custom.

Bringing our wealth of video production experience into the livestream production space in 2020, we have swiftly adapted and produced complex live production streams for clients.

These include 4G motorbike-rigged cameras for live sports coverage, as well as virtual Awards Night productions for online-only audiences including the integration of remote ‘award-winners’ video streams for seamless acceptance speeches.

Whether it’s for Facebook, Youtube, or a custom server, we’ve got you covered.

Element team on a livestream


When it’s live, you only get one shot at it.

That’s exactly why Element are the team you need on your side.

We think of everything to make sure your production runs smoothly.

  • Direct camera feeds

  • Remote video in the field via 4G or external location

  • Video integration

  • Graphics

  • Live scoreboards or leaderboards

  • Professional sound

Case Study: GPS Schools Cross Country Championships 2021

Originally requesting drone coverage of their school cross country championships, we eventually opted for a motorbike-based mobile camera rig that would allow us to stream the race directly to the whole school community with minimal delay.

This event livestream incorporated:

  • 4G video stream from the motorbike cam
  • Roaming wireless event camera to capture the start and finish
  • Static additional camera angles
  • Leaderboard graphics with live timing data
  • Clean music feed & ambient microphone pickup from the event hub
  • Vision mixed live and streamed to Cluch.TV

Camera Setup:

The custom-made motorbike rig enabled us to carry a camera operator with a ready-rig harness system. Mounted to the harness was a full cinema-style camera with 3 motor stabilising gimbal.

A 4G unit attached to the camera allowed us to encode and send the video feed directly back to the vision mixing desk where it is decoded and vision mixed with all of the other camera angles and graphic overlays.

A roaming camera utilised a high-quality Teradek wireless transmission system to send a video feed back to the desk from anywhere in the event precinct.


We made use of our UHF radio units and earpieces for the continuous ability to relay messages back and forth between vision mixing desk and the cameras in the field.

Lachie and the Element team on a livestream setup

Case Study: Outdoors Queensland Awards Night

We have really enjoyed producing and livestreaming the Outdoors Queensland Awards for two years running.

Each year we vision mix live studio cameras onsite as well as pulling in awards videos and graphics, winners via remote video feed, and a special guest presentation.

The setup required us to run 3 parallel audio and video configurations – one in the studio, one on the finalists online video meeting, and then the final ‘polished’ program stream going out to Facebook.

A lot of time was spent testing and improving our workflow to provide the best production possible for Outdoors Queensland.

This event livestream incorporated:

  • Live studio including 3 point lighting and backdrop setup
  • Finalist videos, showcasing the award finalists
  • Integration with Finalists Zoom meeting, using this to pin and incorporate the winners of awards for live acceptance speeches.
  • Live graphics including title bars for speakers, winners and custom info on-screen
  • DJ/Music when award winners are announced
  • Direct program livestream to Facebook
Lachie and the Element team on a livestream setup
Lachie and the Element team on a livestream setup
Lachie and the Element team on a livestream setup

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