SEQ Enduro Series – Visual Media Packages

By Published On: February 8th, 2017

Throughout the 2016 SEQ Enduro Series Element generated an audience of over 18,000 views on Youtube video content alone. Add in the Pinkbike views and the thousands of of photos that were shared around after every event and we’re talking big numbers!

In 2017 we aim to improve on our success by working alongside Event Management Solutions and offering the very best in video and photography content and workflow solutions.

In addition to this, we’re extending an invitation for you to get on board. Promote your team, club or brand with your very own photos and videos, designed and packaged just for you.

  • Top quality visual content – quickly and easily

  • Increased followers of your brand, team or product

  • Driven traffic to your website and social media

  • Customised content for your brand

  • Build on your existing reputation

  • Gain a competitive edge

Minimise Cost; Maximise Impact

For sponsors or teams who wish to maximise their reach and promotion in accordance with the SEQ Enduro events, we are able to provide an inexpensive avenue to do so. Take advantage of our involvement in the series; we’re already out there shooting which means that we can minimise the effort and costs in creating videos and photographs for you.

We are offering a very limited amount of reduced-cost visual media packages.


What’s included?

  • Packages are customised depending on your needs and may include any of the following.
  • Dedicated shoot session for photos of your brand on the morning of the race.
  • Commercial photo rights. Competitors who buy their photos on our website only receive personal use licenses and legally they cannot use their images for promotion or advertising of a brand of any type.
  • Quick turnaround on your content. We’re only offering limited sponsorship packages so that we can maintain speed and quality for you. We aim to turnaround content by mid-week after a Sunday event, however generally we will guarantee it within a week.
  • A custom template for your brand. Each of your brand’s videos throughout the series will have a similar feel, but won’t use the same graphics or effects as other sponsors. For photographs, we can watermark your logo over your images for sharing online, as well as provide unwatermarked photos.
  • As well as shooting your own dedicated footage and photos, we will also utilise other photos and videos from the race day – so we will have plenty of content to work with.

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The power of Engagement

Building hype, sharing stories and uploading photos/videos to the web consistently creates an online media storm that builds your brand’s presence and reputation. It also generates the ‘fear of missing out’ for those people who weren’t involved in the events you were a part of, and in your product itself. Regular, new and engaging content is key to promoting the continuation of this media storm.


People are watching; and they respond to what they see.

With an audience of well over 20,000 views on our online video content in 2016, it’s obvious that people are interested in relevant mountain biking visual media. The challenge for most organisations is finding an avenue to create high impact and engaging videos and photo content. Luckily for you, we provide that opportunity.

Photos from Round 5 of the SRAM Enduro Series, Toowoomba 17-7-2016. Photos by Element.

Photos from Round 5 of the SRAM Enduro Series, Toowoomba 17-7-2016. Photos by Element.

SRAM Enduro Series Round 5 at Toowoomba, 17-7-2016. Photos by Element.

Photos from Round 2 of the SRAM Enduro Series at Garapine, 3-4-2016.

Promote your brand with high impact visual media.

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Why choose Element?

Element Photo and Video Productions is a local business based in Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. Over the last several years Element has grown rapidly and established itself as a reliable, professional and high-quality photography and video production business. We currently service a range of government, corporate, commercial and non-profit organisations in South East Queensland.

We take pride in our attention to detail, our innovation and our extremely high client satisfaction rate. We regularly perform and manage many of the following tasks.

• Action photography for sporting competitions and events
• Flash photography for formal events and award evenings
• Working under pressure and with large numbers of people
• Online sale of digital files, prints and packages
• Quick turnaround times
• Customised certificate-style prints

Video Production
• Creative filming of small and large sporting events
• Coverage of functions, workshops and other events
• Promotional video productions with both small and large crews
• TV Commercials for broadcast and/or social media use
• In-house post production of all video content
• Online, DVD or Broadcast delivery

Our workflow is very dynamic and allows us to adapt to suit client needs and requests.



Q. Do you have public liability cover?
A. Yes. Element has Public Liability cover of $20,000,000 which includes cover for sub-contractors.
Q. What are your turnaround times?
A. Turnaround times are dependent on job type, shooting dates and other factors. This can range anywhere between one day and several weeks. We will discuss and agree on your specific timeframe and then work towards meeting those deadlines.
Q. Can you provide drone footage?
A. Yes, but only within the rules and regulations determined by CASA. Drones are not necessarily permitted in all locations.
Q. What other services do you provide?
A. We provide high end video production and photography for businesses and organisations, as well as other services that are available to the general public. These include headshots, modelling shoots, family portraits, wedding photography, tape conversions and more. Browse our website for further information.

Promote your brand with high impact visual media.

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