Photographer dodges wild Enduro bike [Pics]

By Published On: August 18th, 2015

Every now and then when shooting we get a wild bike on a mission to take us out. In this case Scott was in the firing line of competitor 56, Jayme Dawson. A big thanks to Mark Patton for sending us these shots from the Mt Joyce Enduro in June this year.

Scott Bike Crash-1

Scott Bike Crash-2

Scott Bike Crash-3

Scott Bike Crash-4

Scott Bike Crash-5

Scott Bike Crash-6

At this point Scott realises he needs to get out of there!

Scott Bike Crash-7

Scott Bike Crash-8

Scott Bike Crash-9

That’s where the series of photos ended, but we’re glad to say that Scott was untouched and the rider was okay!


This shot of the rider wasn’t one of Scott’s finest photos – I’m not quite sure why he was so distracted.

It appears Jayme was just having a bad run, as he was looking good on several of the other stages on the day:


Photo by Mike Molloy.


Photo by Dan McCallum


Photo by Dan McCallum