Winning Formula – 7 Key Reasons why Element are the Leaders in Event Photography in SEQ

Participants start the of the Toohey Trail Run.
By Published On: March 13th, 2021

With over ten years of event photography experience under our belt, Element strives to deliver the best customer experience for event participants in Southeast Queensland and abroad. When it comes to the photography workflow, we are never content with ‘good enough’. From image quality through to customer service, everything matters to us.

Much of our event photography is based around mass participation events in the outdoors – trail runs, ultra-marathons, mountain biking, adventure races and so on. However we are also highly regarded for our corporate function photography, awards nights and our other lesser-known photography services including studio photography, portraiture and green screen compositions. Not to mention our award-winning video and editing production services!

  • A rider tackles a wooden berm.
  • Four participants smiling at the start line of an event.
  • Friends hold up their champagne at an event.
  • A runner holds the finish tape above his head.
  • A young girl smiles as she rides her horse.
  • A large room is set for a corporate event.
  • Participants start the of the Toohey Trail Run.
  • A performer sings to a crowd.

7 Reasons Element are Leaders in Event Photography in SEQ

1. We really care about the customer experience

Element is a family owned and operated business and we are driven to provide an exceptional service for our customers. At every event that we cover we take the time to consider how we can bring the best value to all participants, as well as the sponsors, organisers and spectators.

Just like you may not notice the ‘behind the scenes’ work that promoters put into orgainsing a large event, the same goes for our dedication to capturing the event. Every event is different and we dedicate hours (sometimes days) into choosing the right locations to take photographs, planning how best to get photographers around the course and also customising our website and workflow to best deliver the images online.

A runner holds the finish tape above his head.

Great images don’t just happen; they take planning, experience and timing!

2. We know what makes a good photo

Technically speaking there are a range of elements that make a great photo such as lighting, focus and composition. However the non-technical aspect of photography carries just as much importance, and it can be different for every sport and occasion.

We pay attention to the little things that make an event unique. For runners it could be the body position, the focus, the determination. For cyclists it’s the trail features, the big air, the terrain. And for all events we always capture the human elements of fun, laughter and social interaction in and around the event precinct.

Keep in mind that all of our photographers have been on the other side of the lens as a participant; this allows us a direct insight into what makes for a good photo! Plus, we edit EVERY shot prior to uploading, so you can download and use your image straight away.

A rider does a wheelie down a ramp in a night race.

3. We get photos live QUICKLY

Our turnaround speed is a major strength that our customers appreciate. There’s nothing worse than waiting days or weeks to see your event photos. The best time to see your photos is while you are still hyped after your event. We have consistently delivered thousands of images overnight for the public to view, or within a couple of days for particularly large events.

Riders covered in mud,smiling after the race.

4. It’s easy to find your photos

At the events we cover we aim to take photos of all participants as best we can. This means there can be a LOT of photos!

We understand the frustration of flicking through hundreds of photos to find yours, so that’s why we tag photos individually so that you can search for your images easily by name or race number. Yes, that’s right, and we STILL provide a lightning fast turnaround even whilst doing this.

5. Our Customer Service doesn’t just exist, it rocks

With live chat at the bottom of our event galleries, or easily contactable emails & phone numbers on the site, we take customer enquiries and respond to them in a friendly manner just like you’d expect from any professional business!

A rider tackles a wooden berm.

6. Reliability to the next level

We’ve been in this game for a while now and we have learned that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

That’s why you can expect our people, our equipment, our website and our gallery system to be second to none. Using the most reliable equipment, having backup camera gear on hand, utilisting data backups and double-checking everything along the way is all a part of the reason we can be counted on to handle local, national AND international events that we shoot.

If you like our take on doing things right, you might appreciate this article we wrote about using the right tools for the job.

Riders on the trail.

7. We can scale to suit the event

By now you’ll have an understanding of how much time and energy we put into our event photography.  Capturing photos of everyone, editing all the photos, tagging them by race number….that must be a long night of editing after events!

Well yes you are correct – but keep in mind that we can scale up our team to suit the size and logistics of different events. That is one of the best things about Element – we often contract and manage freelance photographers to help get the job done, quickly and professionally. It’s a team effort managed with expert guidance.

Getting started with Event Photography

Lachlan Ryan is the owner and key operator at Element. Lachie is the person you will speak to initially and he will continue to ensure the best possible outcome for your event. As an event organiser once you have decided to incorporate professional event photography as part of your event it’s really simple to make it happen. Get in touch with us today.