BVRT Australia Day Ride – Through the Eyes of an Event Photographer

By Published On: February 15th, 2024

One of the services that we have offered since the inception of Element is event photography.

In other words, mass photography events with fast turnaround of images & the highest quality imagery for event participants to enjoy. These are delivered via our web gallery which includes a simple user interface, chat support and full shopping cart/customer account functionality.

Lachie from Element Photo and Video Productions

Lachlan Ryan of Element Photo and Video Productions.

There’s no doubt that DSLR and Mirrorless photography is a very accessible industry these days. So there is a large market in the semi-professional and professional sports photography business. As one of the leaders in this area we take a lot of pride in the lengths that we have gone to over the past twelve years to set the highest benchmark possible and stand out from the crowd.

With our comprehensive photography workflow our clients know that they can rely on us no matter what the situation may throw at us.

Here are some of the qualities that set a professional photography business apart. These are the reasons why our clients choose Element, and continue to return.

1. Quality

Number one is the quality of photos. Picking the moments. Capturing the best quality shots. And delivering a wide range of photos that capture an event.

2. Dependable, in all conditions

Next is the ability to shoot in all conditions. At Element we have backup gear, top quality equipment and redundancy. We plan ahead for all conditions. Our packs, equipment, even our clothing; we are always ready to shoot in a range of conditions.

3. Planning

Familiarising with the terrain, maps, schedule and any other relevant information is a vital part of the job. We plan our logistics ahead so that we know we will get to the right place at the right time when we’re moving around at an event or on a course. We ask questions and make sure that there aren’t any surprises on the day; but if there are, we’re ready to handle them.

We often customise maps for our photography needs. Lots of planning.

4. Sports-minded

You want a photographer who understands where you’re coming from. At Element we are sports-minded. Many of our team are runners and cyclists. We know what we’re looking for in a photo. We also know what our clients and participants enjoy.

Our transport on course.

5. Adaptable

A good photographer is adaptable. For example, on a recent shoot when capturing this bridge shot on the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail in Esk, there were two crossings that riders could choose from (a new crossing had just been constructed). Thankfully we had the equipment to set up a second remote camera, with an external off camera flash. So basically, there were two photography options when riders came through and nobody missed out on getting a photo!

6. Fast delivery

Delivery of photos after an event should be number one priority. Getting the photos online is front of mind. We have a fast upload and photo editing workflow. And we individually edit and go through all of the photos so that no matter what everyone’s photos from an event are not just ‘batch edited’, but edited to the highest standard.

7. Communication

A photographer that disappears post-event can be frustrating. We include customer service on the website, so that even after we deliver photos to clients for an event, we will continue to communicate with your customers or participants and look after them, if they have questions regarding their photos.

8. Branding/Watermarking

An added touch – with just a little extra planning and design we can add watermarking to your photos and web page; whether it’s your event, sponsor logos or links to your other events; anything we can do to help support your brand.

9. Search Functionality

For major events where participants wear race plates, we actually tag all of the photos so that participants can find their photos by searching their name. Our photo tags are thoroughly checked by humans, unlike some of the fully automated systems that exist.

Dedicated web gallery for each event.

10. Security

We archive and back up your photos, they are safe no matter what happens. If you need to get in touch down the track we will have your photos available for you in our archives.


Because of all of these reasons, our clients rave about our photography and what we deliver as well as our professional approach and friendly demeanour on the day.

These are the qualities that matter, and it’s hard to know what you’re getting when Google searching for a photographer. With Element you can rely on our consistent high quality testimonials and feedback from participants so that you know you are in good hands.