Stand out from the crowd.

Element is proud to announce the Outdoor Education and Recreation packages for businesses and organisations in the outdoor industry. The Outdoor Education and Recreation packages aim to put your services in the spotlight and showcase what your organisation has to offer.

Example: The Gap State High School | GOALS Leadership Program

Your services are amazing.

You know it. We know it. Unfortunately your potential clients don’t know it yet.

Visual media is increasingly the number one method of attracting interest from potential customers. Making an exceptional first impression is vital. Doing so requires creativity, knowledge and an understanding of the industry that you work in. So why should you engage with Element then? Read on for the best part!


Cert IV Qualified Photographers

Yes, you read that right. No, it’s not a dream.

At Element we can provide you with professional camera operators who are qualified with a Certificate 4 in Outdoor Recreation. Not just a qualification, but they actually have years of experience in the outdoor industry. They are trained and ready to engage with your activities in a safe and knowledgeable manner. How easy is that?


With our background and experience in the outdoors sector we truly understand your business objectives and we are passionate about the benefits of outdoor education and recreation. Team up with us and we will work together to deliver outstanding visual media that will attract new clients now and into the future.

Example: Brisbane Boys College | Outdoor Education Program

Behind the lens.

Meet our Certificate 4 Outdoor Recreation qualified photographers/cinematographers.

Lachlan Ryan

Outdoor Educator/Photographer/Filmmaker

Lachlan is the primary photographer and video operator at Element Photo and Video Productions. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge from his background in outdoor education, with facilitation in both centre based and expedition based programs.


As well as delivering exceptional photography services Lachlan is well known for building strong relationships with clients and has earned much respect from peers in the outdoor industry.

“I was once shooting a school camp and had to step in to assist on program during an emergency. It’s just lucky I could offer my skills and had built a great relationship with the client; I was there ready to go.”


Not only are our camera operators the best in the business behind the lens, but they can also use their outdoor recreation skills to provide safe, efficient and quality coverage of your activities.

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