Bayview Blast MTB Marathon Weekend 2018

Welcome to Element Photo and Video Productions, the event photography specialists. Use this gallery to purchase your favourite photos in high resolution!

Note that a range of these photos are available for personal use on the Bayview Blast Facebook page. You may find a few more photos of yourself in this album (eg. if we took a few shots in a row, the whole sequence will be available here but only one of those images are on Facebook).


***UPDATE: Photos are now tagged by name and race number plate (as of 25 June).

Simply search your name in the search bar above, or type your race plate using the prefix bb1*** with your race number padded to three digits. 

Handy hint: Looking for a specific shot? Every photo on Facebook has a unique link in the caption that will take you to that photo on this page.

Saturday Race 1 - U9 (bbsatrace1)Sunday Photos - Everything (bbsunday)
Saturday Race 2 - U13 2km (bbsatrace2)Sunday Photos - On Track photos only (bbsunmarathon)
Saturday Race 3 - U13 4km (bbsatrace3) Sunday Event Village Photos (bbsunevent)
Saturday Race 4 - U15 8km (bbsatrace4) Sunday Podiums (bbsunpodium)
Saturday 25km Races (bbsat25km)
Saturday Podiums (bbsatpodium)All Weekend Podiums (bbpodium)


Personal Use - this allows personal use such as sharing on Facebook and Instagram, printing and hanging up on the wall and similar uses.

Team Blog or Online Article - for including an image in a blog, newsletter or similar 'race report' article shown to the public or a group of people.

Commercial Use - use for marketing and promotional reasons, for example on a website, marketing documents and so on.

Magazine Use - for use in an external publication like a magazine.

Personal Use images in this gallery will be available immediately after purchase. Commercial use orders will be checked and approved ready to download within roughly 24 hours.

We try hard...give us your feedback here. For general enquiries, Contact Us.

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