Year 10 Students to get behind the lens for Element’s Sunshine Coast photography camp

The students learnt the essentials of professional photography.
By Published On: November 19th, 2018

This coming week Element photography extraordinaires Lachie and Mike will be taking a group of students from Brisbane’s Anglican Church Grammer School (Churchie) on a week long photography camp in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Have a look at what the boys can expect from the week ahead and enjoy some of the photos from last year’s camp!


Last years group assembled in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Last year’s camp was full of budding photographers.


The camp

It’s an immersion in outdoor, sport and adventure photography brought to you by the masters themselves. The group will travel all around the Sunshine Coast with their cameras on hand. The camping (and editing) base is tucked away in the picturesque Noosa Hinterland. On their trip they will shoot rock climbers, mountain bikers, and capture amazing landscapes and sunsets from mountain top vantage points. They will also visit some of Noosa’s national parks,  shoot light painting (fire twirling), a surfing session and much more!


The unique Glasshouse Mountains.

The students will take advantage of the amazing landscapes Queensland has to offer.

A butterfly working it's magic.

They will fine-tune their skills to capture all aspects of nature.

A student prepares the perfect shot.

Students will get the chance to immerse themselves in the art of photography.


What they will learn

• Advanced photography techniques required for outdoor photography.
• The process of shooting for a client, understanding the client brief and delivering in the correct format.
• How to understand the story and/or key messages in what the’re shooting – as well as communication skills in speaking to key people and gathering relevant information to create a written article to accompany their photographs.
• Learn to shoot selectively, maintain batteries, memory cards and cameras in an outdoor environment.


Element will be hand teaching camera techniques and settings.

Element will be on hand teaching camera techniques and settings.

A water droplet on a leaf, captured by last years group.

They will capture images of everything from sports to nature.

Students practice light-painting.

Light-painting is always a fun technique to practice.

Two students abseiling.

They will be both in front and behind the cameras.


Without a doubt the group will gain a lot from this experience.  To  have the chance to devote an entire week to improving a skill set will help them immensely in any photography future they choose.

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Last years group taking in the sunrise.

Last years group making the most of the sunrise.