Can you recognise a professional photo?

By Published On: January 31st, 2017

So…can you recognise a professional photo from an amateur photo?

If you’re like most people, you can tell the difference. It captures your eye and stands out immediately, and in many cases you will find that the image evokes some sort of emotive response from within.

Beautiful looking waterfall? Take me there!

Amazing looking car? Get me behind the wheel!

Incredible looking food? Just try and stop me…

Those reactions are what we like to call, quite simply, a ‘positive response’.

With no knowledge about the camera that was used to capture the image, or the logistics involved in organising the photo shoot, or the amount of time that the photographer or retoucher spent in the edit suite…your response to a photo is based purely on how the image looks when you see it.

It has taken years of shooting and fine tuning my skills as a photographer to identify many of the subtle ways that help ignite a positive response from people when they see my images. And there’s always more to learn…

But the biggest thing I’ve learnt in all my time however, is quite simply this…

Professional photography makes a difference.
It makes a big difference.

That’s why myself and my team are so excited to work with a growing number of happy clients across a range of sports, outdoor, event, corporate, charity and real estate industries.We couldn’t be more excited about the year ahead, and we couldn’t be more invested in our wonderful craft. All the time we continue to deliver improved results for our clients and customers.

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