Is the X-Pot the best cooking pot in the world?

By Published On: August 24th, 2015

Here at Element we love to get out hiking as much as possible, usually on overnight trips around South East Queensland.

Keeping up to date with the latest gear is often a challenge, what with the costs and the sheer quantity of products available on the market. It’s not often that something really catches your eye, however I must admit that I’m pretty excited about the newest product from Sea to Summit.

Hiking at Sundown National  Park

Above: The tents set up at Sundown National Park

As with most multi-day trips in the wilderness, there’s always a need to pack as light as possible. It’s also important to look after yourself, and cooking a warm meal is just as important out bush as when you’re at home. Up until now I have been using a standard cooking pot for boiling water and cooking meals.

Having a coffee break at Sundown.

Having a coffee break at sundown, at Sundown National Park.

We’re pretty excited though because we’ve just been having a look at the latest range of cooking pots from Sea to Summit. Have a look at the X-Pot video below and see what you think!

Would you give the X-Pot a go? I know I definitely will, and you can expect to hear my thoughts soon!