GROW with Nature Play App Launch

Hyahno from Nature Play Qld
By Published On: August 24th, 2016

“Nature Play is fundamental to a full and happy childhood.”

This is the message that Nature Play Qld continues to deliver through a range of educational programs, community events and a great number of free and inspirational resources. While the premise of Nature Play is reminiscent of the past where free range neighbourhood kids played outside in parks with friends until the sun went down, the organisation has shown contemporary innovation and relevance in a modern era.

The most recent demonstration of this is their newest technological app, GROW with Nature Play. Below are two videos that we are very proud to have produced for Nature Play Qld, showcasing the benefits of the app itself as well as the opening “Launch Day” at New Farm Park.

We hope you enjoy learning about the benefits of GROW with Nature Play and we encourage you to visit their website at the bottom of the page for more information.

GROW with Nature Play Promotional Video

GROW with Nature Play App Launch – 99 Babies in a Park

For more information about the app simply visit the Nature Play Website.