Can you do these five things on a bike?

By Published On: August 21st, 2015

You may have heard of her before. She is Australia’s most talented female trials rider and currently Janine Jungfels is competing internationally to represent our country.


She just took out a 2nd place podium in the Austria leg of the World Cup. Go Aussie!!! However she has her sights set firmly on that 1st step.

“Tatiana rode the last section for 2pts and Kristina for 5pts. I was the last to ride and I needed to ride the section for no more than 4pts. Unfortunately, I lost my balance on the skinny balance line which saw the axle of my wheel cross the tape which resulted in 5pts.”

“That was it, I was delegated from first to second place by 1pt (Tatiana 7pts and myself with 8pts). I was incredibly disappointed with the finals result after having such a good ride in semi-finals but that’s how sport goes sometimes. I’m looking forward to riding the next UCI world cup in France!”

You can read her latest blogs here.

Have a look at some of the awesome shots we got of her on her bike in her hometown of Brisbane not long ago:

Can you do this on a bike?

1. Balance


Balance: without moving the wheels, keep the bike completely still.

2. Stay upright on the back wheel.


Lift the bike and hold balance on the back wheel.

3. Bunny hop straight up.


With the whole body, lift the bike and jump straight up into the air and land both wheels back down on the ground together.

4. Jump across obstacles


Hop from one obstacle to another, such as rocks, cement blocks or posts.

5. Ride along a skinny obstacle


A skinny line is the most difficult to negotiate. Can you keep balance whilst riding along a fence?


6. packing the bike away.


Packing away your bike is easy when you can jump it straight into the tray.

As you can see she is a seriously talented rider. Get over to her Youtube channel to see what else Janine can do. Here’s a video we shot with Janine earlier this year:

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