The 24 Hour Video Challenge

By Published On: August 17th, 2016

It all started with a crazy idea. “I wonder if I could create a promotional video for an outdoor ed centre in 48 hours?” I thought to myself. And I knew that I could. Having produced a range of slideshows and event videos at functions and races over the past five years, I knew that filming and creating a video within 48 hours was very much an achievable task.

One day to film followed by one day to edit sounded like a pretty busy but comfortable couple of days for me. Plus any chance to put up a tent and relax under the stars outside of the city is a very welcome concept…I was pumped!

24 Hour Video Challenge Element Photo and Video Productions

So I began thinking about outdoor education centres around South East Queensland and I decided that Adventure Alternatives at Woodford would be the perfect location. It has great activities, beautiful scenery, passionate instructors and the owner Todd Samarowski was dedicated to the delivery of high quality outdoor education that tied in to the national curriculum. Fantastic!

24 Hour Video Challenge Element Photo and Video Productions

As we began confirming logistics with Todd at Adventure Alternatives it became apparent that I wasn’t going to be able to find two whole days spare to do the “48 Hour Challenge”, at least not in the near future. Being the determined person I was – and always ready to take on a challenge – I decided that I could simply do it within 24 hours. “Sure, why not?”

I decided I would turn up at the centre at Woodford at 6am on Thursday morning and then leave around the same time on Friday. In fact I had to be at another job in Toowoomba by 9am on Friday so the deadline was definitely not flexible!

Well, I stuck to my guns and turned up ready to shoot on Thursday morning…but not without doing a little presentation myself first. Thanks to a good friend and respected colleague Michael Antuar we were able to capture and document the whole day and provide the Behind the Scenes to the 24 Hour Video Challenge.

Please enjoy!

The 24 Hour Video Challenge

24 Hour Video Challenge Element Photo and Video Productions
















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